Chronic Pain

by Tamara Elmore

Chronic pain is described as any pain issues that last over six months. Some examples would be neuropathy, back pain, arthrtitis, fibromayalgia and multiple sclerosis. Chronic pain can lead to issues with concentration, anxiety, depression, disrupt sleep and impact appetite.

In upcoming posts I will be sharing my personal experience with fibromyalgia and five things that help me to manage my fibromyalgia symptoms – gardening, massage, exercise, food choices and rest.

As it relates to gardening, I will also dig into how I compensate when working in the garden with certain tools, choices I make when adding structures to the garden and also things that I wear for comfort.

I am delighted to invite people from the gardening community to also share on this topic from both personal and proffesional perspectives. This conversation will be covered both here on the blog and in an IGTV series on Instagram.

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