Making Paper Pots

by Tamara Elmore



Note: Width of paper can be the size of the paper pot maker or larger if you prefer.

  1. Cut paper into strips or fold**
  2. Place the paper strip onto a flat surface
  3. Lay the top piece of the pot maker on the paper (curved side down), leaving enough room to fold the bottom portion of the paper under***
  4. Roll the paper and the pot maker until you are at the opposite end of the paper
  5. Fold the bottom section of the paper under the pot maker
  6. Press the top piece of the pot maker (with rolled paper intact) into the bottom piece of the pot maker, press and turn
  7. Use tape to secure the bottom if extra security is needed


*Paper pots made with non shiny pages can break down in the garden soil or be composted as most US newspapers are now made using soy ink and less chemicals in the processing of the paper.  However, shiny pages of the newspaper may have more chemicals, chlorine and pigments that are not ideal for use in the garden.

**Folding the paper or laying down more than one strip when making the pot, is a sturdier strip but one strip will hold until seeds are planted outside. Featured image was state of paper pot after 60 days.

***You can also use a jar or can instead of the pot maker

– When filling pots with soil, leave a small rim of free space near the top.  If the pot is too full, it may be difficult to keep them standing upright.

– When ready, the seedling can be planted with or without the paper pot.  If planted with the paper pot, roots will push through the paper and the paper will break down in the soil over time.

A video example of how to make a paper pot. Enjoy!

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