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Meet Tam

by Tamara Elmore

Hi, Tam here!   

I’m a gardener located in Richmond, Virginia and I love talking about Growing Good Food At Home. 

 Thank you for stopping by to meet me!


When I started tending my front yard flowers in 2007, my plan was only to do enough to satisfy the neighbor who’d coerced me into gardening in the first place.  There was no intention of going beyond those flowers but I believe that I had a soil to soul experience and once my hands met the earth, there was no turning back.  I’ve been lured deeper and deeper into the arms of nature and I hope that I stay caught up for the rest of my life.  For all that I’ve learned via Farm School, Organic Gardening Certification, books and local classes, there’s always more to know and I truly love that part.  I also love sharing what I’ve learned with others and inspiring new gardeners by giving an inside look at my experience both at home and in the community.  


My goal is to be a master of observation, to learn through paying close attention to all that is happening around me.  In choosing what kind of gardener I would be, I went with what met my needs and my need was for healthy, chemical free and nutrient dense food.  I grow what I know we will eat first, trying a few new things each season and making sure that anything else in the garden is beneficial. 


I spend most of my days with my sweet pup Queen.  She loves being in the garden with me and is often captured in the background of my photos and videos.  Queen loves laying out in the morning sun, rolling in the grass and running through the garden beds.  When she’s not napping, she’s inspecting the garden or poking her little face under the garden gate to watch passersby.


I manage most garden projects and all daily upkeep on my own but occasionally call on my handy husband for help.  He’s an expert brick mason and a great carpenter.  If you see any structures held together with zip ties, that was definitely my doing.  If it’s sturdy and built to last, hubs is responsible. 


I love sharing my gardening journey and the things that make my time in the garden better.   I often share items that I’ve purchased and found useful such as garden tools and supplies, clothing and footwear and garden structures.  I also share information on the seeds, seedlings and bulbs that I purchase, soils and fertilizers.  

I’m delighted about the opportunity to partner with companies and provide feedback that my garden family can trust on products and missions that resonate with me.  I’ve recently worked with Roo Apron, Bonnie Plants,  Ample Harvest, Gorilla Carts, Frank Communitea,  and Hoselink USA . Want to partner? 

CONNECT WITH ME AT taminthegarden@gmail.com

P.O. Box 16022, Richmond, VA 23222

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