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Tamara Elmore

Choosing Comfort

by Tamara Elmore

When I started gardening, I did not consider my comfort when working on certain projects or at different times of the year. Being improperly dressed or showing up to garden sites without the proper gear made for some pretty miserable experiences. I endured many unnecessary (fibromyalgia) flare ups from gardening in sneakers and also not having proper layers on during chilly spring workdays.

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I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia in the early 2000s. At the time I was in so much pain that it was hard to believe that fibromyalgia was an accurate diagnosis and as a result, I ended up seeing three different rheumatologists who all came to the same conclusion. Fibromyalgia impacts the way that the brain processes pain causing reactions to even a minor pain experience to last well past normal time spans. It causes me to have mood swings, anxiety, fatigue and issues with my memory.

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